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Province 7

Province 7


The province is located in the western-most part of Nepal. There are three geographical features in this province: the Himalayan in the north, the Hilly in the middle and the Terai in the south. The river Kamali flows in the east and river Mahakali drains the border in the west. It borders India in the west as well as south and Tibet (China) in the north. Thus, the region has the good potentiality of external trade. It is the second smallest province of Nepal. Mt. API (7132 m.) and Mt. Saipal(7025m)? Mt.

Yokapahad (6644m), Mt. Lassa (6189m) are the major Mountain peaks of this province. Khaptad and Ghodaghodi lakes fall in the province. Khaptad National Park and Shuklaphanta National Park conserve a lot of living and Non-living things. Api Nampa Conservation Area lies in the same province. The major trade centers of this province are Dhangadhi, Dadeldhura, Mahendranagar, and Dipayal. The principal crops grown in this province are wheat, mustard, maize, and cotton.

The province is remote and developmental challenged. Some 44% of people in the Far West Hills and 49% in the Himalayan districts live below the poverty line. The province has limited access to basic services. It has complex socio-economic structures and there is both widespread gender- and caste-based discriminations. Likewise, this province is badly affected by Dowry Pratha, Deuki Pratha, Chhaupadi Pratha, etc. In addition to this, other traditional systems associated with the province, its culture and customs also pose impediments for overall development.


Name of districts in the province or states no. 7 of Nepal

1 – Achham District
2 – Baitadi District
3 – Bajhang District
4 – Bajura District
5 – Dadeldhura District
6 – Darchula District
7 – Doti District
8 – Kailali District
9 – Kanchanpur District


          Youth Network for Peace

शान्तिका लागि युवा सञ्जाल

Work Areas

· Good Governance            · Skill Development          · Water and Sanitation

· Conflict Management      · Youth Leadership           · Youth Exchange Programme

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Mahakali Integrative Society Nepal

महाकाली एकीकृत समाज नेपाल

Work Areas

· Education                · Environment                · Employment             · Health

· Hunger and Poverty        · Youth Participation           · Girls and Young Women

Contact Address:  Jogbuba – 1

Tel:  9851167935

E-Mail: misociety.ddl@gmail.com / misddl7@gmail.com

Community Development Forum (CDF) Nepal

सामुदायिक विकास मञ्च नेपाल

Work Areas

· Gender Equity      · Empowerment         · Poverty       · Sexual-Education  · Family Planning

· Community-based Child and Maternal Health   · Sanitation and nutrition    · HIV/AIDS

Contact Address:  Dipayal Silgadhi – 1, Saileswori tole

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E-Mail: info@cdfnepal.org.np


Youth Network Doti

युवा सञ्जाल डोटी

Work Areas

· Youth Issues                         · Sports                         · Peace

Contact Address:  Dipayal Silgadhi – 2

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Youth Solidarity Nepal (YOUSON)

युवा हातेमालो नेपाल

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· Education                 · Environment             · Employment             · Health

Contact Address:  Mahadevsthan – 1

Tel:   9849438883 / 9858422858

E-Mail: mojha66@gmail.com / dhruba_ojha@yahoo.com

Far-West Multipurpose Center (FWMF)

श्री सुदूर पश्चिमाञ्चल बहुउद्देश्यीय मञ्च

Work Areas

· Youth                                    · Employment

Contact Address:  Kailali

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Youth for Development

विकासका लागि युवा

Work Areas

· Education                 · Environment             · Employment

· Health                        · Youth Participation

Contact Address:  Dhangadhi – 2

Tel: 9848425587

E-Mail: taprajjoshi@yahoo.com

National Environment & Equity Development Society (NEEDS)

नेपाल पर्यावरण तथा शिक्षा विकास समाज

Work Areas

· Health and Sanitation                      · Human Rights

Contact Address:  Bhimdatt Municipality – 6, Mahendranagar

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