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Province 6

Province 6


The province lies in the western part of Nepal. This is the biggest province in size. The bordering provinces are province 7 in the west, province 5 in the south and east, a part of province 4 in the east and China in the north. The province does not cover any fertile land of the plain Terai. The province is the poorest among other and is developmentally challenged, too. This region has complex topography. Mt. Kanjirowa (6612 m), Mt. Kanti (6859 m), Mt. Gorakh (6088 m) and Mt. Changla (6563 m) are remarkable peaks of the province. Rara National Park and Shey- Foksundo National park have been delineated in the province. The biggest lake Rara falls here. Other main attractions of the province are Badimalika, Deuti Bajai and Chandannath temples, Bulbule and Shey-Foksundo lakes, etc.

The major trade centers of the province are Birendranagar, Gumgadhi, Khalanga, Dunai, etc. The province is fertile for fruits like apples, oranges, pomegranate, walnut, etc. which are traded all over the country. Besides Humla and Dolpa, all other districts have an access to roads but they are very narrow, just graveled and risky. Surkhet, Dunai and Simikot, and Jumla are some of the airports of the province. Maize, barley, wheat, millet, and paddy are the staple food crops. Similarly, mustard, soybean and hot chili are some of the noteworthy cash crops of this province. The paddy crop is known as ‘Jumli Marsi’ is the very popular breed of paddy which is produced in Jumla.


Name of districts in province or states no. 6 of Nepal

1 – Dailekh District

2 – Dolpa District

3 – Humla District

4 – Jajarkot District

5 – Jumla District

6 – Kalikot District

7 – Mugu District

8 – Rukum District (western part)

9 – Salyan District

10 – Surkhet District


Rural Development Nepal (RDN)

ग्रामीण विकास नेपाल

Work Areas

· Dalit Right                             · Youth Empowerment

· HIV/AIDS reduce                   · Income Generation

Contact Address:  Kalikot

Tel:  047-440158

E-Mail: rdnkalikot@gmail.com

Center For Karnali Rural Promote & Society Development (CDS-Park)

कर्णाली ग्रामीण उत्थान तथा समाज विकास केन्द्र

Work Areas

· HIV/AIDS                    · SRHR             · Human Rights

· Youth Participation                          · Good Governance


Contact Address:  Shreenagar – 5

Tel:  087-460103

E-Mail: N/A

Karnali Source Management & Rural Empowerment Center “SEC-MARK”

कर्णाली श्रोत व्यवस्थापन तथा ग्रामीण सशक्तिकरण केन्द्र

Work Areas

 · Education                              · Employment

· Hunger and Poverty             · Youth Participation

Contact Address:  Mugu

Tel: 9848308090

E-Mail: mugurbshahi@gmail.com

Concern center for Rural Youth (C2FRY-Rukum)

ग्रामीण युवा सरोकार केन्द्र

Work Areas

· Youth Advocacy


Contact Address:  Khalanga – 1

Tel: 9841570034

E-Mail: c2fryrukum@gmail.com / cpostak@gmail.com / yrukum@gmail.com

Sharada Media Sangam

शारदा मिडिया संगम

Work Areas

· Communication                    · Human Rights                      · Youth Issues


Contact Address:  Khalanga – 5, Dadagaun

Tel:  088-520255

E-Mail: radiorapti@yahoo.com

Local Concern Group (LCG)

स्थानीय सरोकार समुह

Work Areas

· Education                 · Health           · Arts               · Music

· Sports                       · Citizen Rights                       · Agriculture


Contact Address:  Birendranagar, Surkhet

Tel: 9858050664 (Khim Regmi) / 9851226105 (Jagdish Ayer)

E-Mail: jagdish.ajeets@gmail.com

 Human Rights and Rural Environment Protection Center (HUREC) Nepal

मानव अधिकार तथा ग्रामीण वातावरण संरक्षण केन्द्र (हुरेक) नेपाल

Work Areas

· Education                 · Environment             · Youth Participation

· Girls and Young Women      · Leisure-Time Activities        · Human Rights· Social Justice


Contact Address:  Birendranagar, Municipality Ward No 11, Pipera

Tel: 083-411012 / 9848047572 

E-Mail: hurecnepal@gmail.com / info@hurecnepal.org.np

Sirjanatmak Asal Shasan Club (SAS Surkhet) 

सिर्जनात्मक असल शासन क्लव (सास) सुर्खेत 


Work Areas

· Education                 · Environment             · Employment             · Good Governance

· Youth Participation  · Girls and Young Women                  · Youth and Conflict


Contact Address:  Surkhet

Tel:  9858052466

E-Mail: tribhuwanbc@gmail.com