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Province 3

Province 3


The province is located between Tibet (China) in the north and province 2 in the south. It is the third smallest province of Nepal. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal which lies in this province, The number of industries is 979 and has the highest number of hydro-electricity project. In total 38 hydro-electricity projects are running here with the biggest Upper Tamakoshi Hydro-electricity Project. The province has three types of physical features. The major mountain peaks are Mt. Ganesh (7163 m), Langtang (7205 m), Mt. Gaurishankar (7134 m), etc. This is the most developed province. The Tamakoshi, the Indrawati, the Trishuli, the Kamala and the Bagmati rivers flow through this province. People are involved in agriculture, industry, and service. The major trade centers of this province are Kathmandu, Hetauda, Chitwan, Banepa, Sindhuli Gadi and Tatopani. The major Nepal-China trade transit – Tatopani lies here. Toureits come to visit Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, Chitwan, and so on. Here are Langtang National Park, Shivapuri National Park and Chitwan National Park, and Gaurishankar Conservation area.


Name of districts in the province or states no. 3 of Nepal

1 – Bhaktapur District

2 – Chitwan District

3 – Dhading District

4 – Dolakha District

5 – Kathmandu District

6 – Kavrepalanchok District

7 – Lalitpur District

8 – Makwanpur District

9 – Nuwakot District

10 – Ramechhap District

11 – Rasuwa District

12 – Sindhuli District

13 – Sindhupalchok District


Chandra Jyoti Integrated Rural Development Society

चन्द्रज्योति एकीकृत ग्रामीण विकास समाज

Work Areas

Contact Address:  Dhading

Tel:  01-6925052

E-Mail: cirds1996@gmail.com

Participatory Rural Development Programme (PRDP)

सहभागीमूलक ग्रामीण
विकास कार्यक्रम

Work Areas

Education                             · Health

· Drug Abuse                          · Youth Participation

Contact Address:  Bhimeshwor – 10, Charikot

Tel: 9841070182

E-Mail: np.prdp@gmail.com

Children Partners CAP Nepal

बालबालिकाहरूको साथी क्याप नेपाल

Work Areas

· Education for Working Children                 · Human Rights Protection

· Economic Opportunities      · Elimination of Child Labor               · Conflict Mitigation

· Youth and Women Empowerment              · Human Resource Development

Contact Address:  Nangle Bhare-8

Tel: 9851017760

E-Mail: capnepal.org.np@gmail.com



Communication Development Forum

सञ्चार विकास मञ्च


Work Areas

· Nature Conservation

Contact Address:  Kalopul

Tel: 01-4416068

E-Mail: cdnepal@gmail.com



Friendship Youth Society (FYS)

मित्रता युवा समाज

Work Areas

· Employment             · Health                       · Youth Participation              · HIV/AIDS

· Girls and Young Women                  · Leisure-time activities                     · ICT

Contact Address:  New Baneshwor

Tel: 9841816460

E-Mail: fysnepal@yahoo.com



Helping Hands For Sustainability

Work Areas

· Science and Technology      · Health           · Environment Conservation


Contact Address:  Naikap

Tel: N/A

E-Mail: N/A


Himalayan River Guide Association Nepal (HRGAN)

हिमालयन रिभर गाइड संघ नेपाल

Work Areas

· Education

· Environment             · Employment             · Health

· Youth Participation  · Globalization                        · Leisure-Time Activities

Contact Address:  Thamel

Tel: 9841319605

E-Mail: riverguide.association@gmail.com



Himalayan Youth & Student Forum (HYSEF)

हिमालयन युवा तथा विद्यार्थी मञ्च (हाइसेफ)

Work Areas

· Youth and Environment

Contact Address:  Kathmandu

Tel: 01-4429482 

E-Mail: hysef_n@hotmail.com



HRELIC National Committee of Human Rights

रिलेक नेपाल राष्ट्रिय समिति

Work Areas

· Democracy             · Human Rights                  · Youth

· Development Rights                · Peace and Conflict               · Right to Know

Contact Address:   Syuchatar

Tel:  01-2181553

E-Mail: hrelicnepal@gmail.com


Hridaya Group

हृदय समूह

Work Areas

· Education   · Health · Hunger and Poverty

· Youth Participation    · Drug Abuse

Contact Address:  Maitidevi

Tel: N/A

E-Mail: N/A



Imagine Street Nepal Youth Forum


Work Areas

· Education                 · Employment            · Health           · Youth Participation

· Girls and Young Women                            · Hunger and Poverty


Contact Address:  Kathmandu

Tel: 9851146285

E-Mail: imaginestreet@gmail.com




Nepal Association of the Partially Sighted (NAP)

नेपाल अल्पदृष्टि युक्त संघ 

Work Areas

· Disability                  · Reproductive Health

· Skill Development Training

Contact Address:  New-Baneshwor

Tel: 9841305817

E-Mail: napsnepal@yahoo.com



Nepal Basketball Academy (NBA)


Work Areas

· Education                 · Environment            · Employment            · Health

· Hunger and Poverty            · Juvenile Delinquency          · Youth Participation

· Girls and Young Women                · Leisure-Time Activities 

Contact Address:  Basundhara

Tel: 9813904777

E-Mail: academy.basketball@gmail.com




Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF)

नेपाली युवा उद्यमी मञ्च

Work Areas

· Unemployment                   ·  Entrepreneurship


Contact Address:  FNCCI, Sahid Sukra Marg, Pachali, Teku

Tel: 01-4262061/ 01-4258535

E-Mail: nyef@fncci.org



Nodan Club

नोदन क्लब

Work Areas

· Tourism Promotion            · Youth Personality                · Leadership Development


Contact Address:  Kathmandu

Tel: 01-5550880 / 01-5536029

E-Mail: clubnodan2001@gmail.com


Pravasi Nepali Coordination Committee (PNCC)

प्रवासी नेपाली समन्वय समिति

Work Areas

· Migrants Workers


Contact Address:  Janapath Marg, Anamnagar

Tel:  01- 4231402

E-Mail: info@pncc.org.np



Prosperous Nepal

Work Areas

· Youth Policy and Advocacy


Contact Address:  Ravibhawan


Tel:  01-4274157

E-Mail: mukti.adhikari@gmail.com



Society for Humanism (SOCH) Youth


Work Areas

· Humanism               · Secularism

· Social Evils               · Critical Thinking

Contact Address:  Battisputali, Old Baneshwor

Tel: 01-4497168

E-Mail: sochnepal@gmail.com/youthsoch@gmail.com




Tourism Development Endeavors (TUDE)

पर्यटन विकास प्रयत्न

Work Areas

· Tourism Development


Contact Address:  Baneshwor

Tel: 01-4499047

E-Mail: info@tude.org.np/endeavours@tude.org.np



United Youth for World Peace

विश्व शान्तिका लागि युवा एकता

Work Areas

· Good Governance               · Rule of Law and Civic Law             · Peace Building

· Democracy and Human Right        · Leadership Development               · Inclusion

· Health and Education                     · Youth Inspiration and Capacity Building

· Youth in Development                    · Policy Advocacy

Contact Address:  New Baneshwor

Tel: 9849296810

E-Mail: unitedyouth9@gmail.com




Work Areas

· Youth Capacity Upliftment             · Awareness

Contact Address:  Maijubahal

Tel: 01-4463134

E-Mail: youthfm968@gmail.com



Youth Action Nepal

युवा कार्य नेपाल

Work Areas

· Human Rights          · Democracy               · Peace            · SRHR             · Migration


Contact Address:  Janapath Marg 117/42,  Anamnagar

Tel: 01-4771535

E-Mail: youthactionnepal@ntc.net.np


Youth Civil Society (YOCiS)

युवा नागरिक समाज (युनास)

Work Areas

· Education                             · Environment                        · Employment

· Youth Participation             · Girls and Young Women    · Youth and Conflict

Contact Address:  Kirtipur

Tel: N/A

E-Mail: N/A


Youth Engagement in Sustainability (YES)

Work Areas

· Education                 · Employment                        · Employability

· Equity                       · Entrepreneurship                · Environment (Sustainability)

Contact Address:  Kirtipur

Tel: N/A

E-Mail: unasunas09@yahoo.com


Youth Initiative (YI)

युवा अभियान

Work Areas

· Democracy                           · Good Governance

· Civic Engagement                · Cross – Cutting Issues


Contact Address:  Himsikhar Marg, Shantinagar

Tel: 01-4107856 /4107918

E-Mail: info@youthinitiative.org.np




Center for Research & Development (CRD Nepal)


Work Areas

Education                 · Environment             ·
Employment             · Health

· Youth Participation  · HIV/AIDS                    ·
Youth and Conflict


Contact Address:  Kavre

Tel:  011-682615

E-Mail: info@crd.org.np

Community Development Campaign Nepal

सामुदायिक विकास अभियान


Work Areas


Contact Address:  Chapagaun

Tel: N/A

E-Mail: N/A


Creative Youth Society (CYS)

सृजनशील युवा

Work Areas

· Moral Youth Development


Contact Address:  Lalitpur

Tel:  01-5520482

E-Mail: cys.nepal@gmail.com

Group for Rural Infrastructure Development (GRID) Nepal

ग्रामीण पूर्वाधार विकास समूह (ग्रीडनेपाल

Work Areas

Education     · Environment             ·Inter-generational Relations                       · Hunger and Poverty

· Juvenile Delinquency                       · Youth Participation              · Employment             ·ICT

Contact Address:  C/O Wise-use house, Jwagal

Tel:  01-5546859

E-Mail: info@gridnepal.org.np



Nepal Youth Forum (NYF)

नेपाल युवा मञ्च

Work Areas

·Education                 · Employment             ·Health           · Hunger and Poverty

· Youth Participation  · Girls and Young Women                  · Youth and Conflict

Contact Address:  Lalitpur

Tel: 01-5542126

E-Mail: nepalyouthforum@gmail.com



Work Areas

·Environment Issues             · Youth Empowerment

· Gender                                  · Research


Contact Address:  Kumaripati

Tel: – 9849843437

E-Mail: regmipranav@gmail.com

Community Development Support Society (CDSS) Nepal

सामुदायिक विकास
सहयोग समाज नेपाल

Work Areas

·Education                                    · Youth Participation

· Awareness Program and Skill Development Program

Contact Address:  Fakhel

Tel: 9841981586

E-Mail: adhikarinp2008@yahoo.com

Youth Partnership for Development and Peace Nepal (YSP Nepal)

शान्ति र विकासका लागि युवा साझेदारी नेपाल

Work Areas

·Education                 · Environment             ·Employment             · Health· Hunger and Poverty           

·Juvenile Delinquency                       ·Youth Participation


Contact Address:  Manthali

Tel: 048-540443

E-Mail: yspnepal.youth@gmail.com

Indoor Smoke Alleviation & Environment Protection Forum

घर भित्रको धुवाँ निवारण तथा वातावरण संरक्षण मञ्च नेपाल

Work Areas

·Education                 · Environment             ·Health

· Youth Participation              · Globalization

Contact Address:  Dhunche

Tel: 01-670313

E-Mail: isaepf@gmail.com

Human Rights & Good Governance Club (HRGC)

मानव अधिकार तथा असल शासन क्लब


Work Areas

·Education     · Environment             ·Employment             · Health

· Youth Participation              · Leisure-Time Activities        · Youth and Conflict


Contact Address:  Sithauli – 4

Tel: 9844041187

E-Mail: N/A


Ujaylo Nepal

उज्यालो नेपाल

Work Areas

·Employment             · Youth Awareness     ·Agriculture          · Peace

· Tourism Development         · HIV/AIDS        · Alternative Energy


Contact Address:  Kamalamai – 6, Dhurabajar

Tel: 047-520690

E-Mail: unsindhuli_2058@yahoo.com

Jana Kalyan Club

Work Areas

Education                             · Drug Abuse                          ·
Youth Participation

· Girls and Young Women      · Leisure-Time Activities        · ICT


Contact Address:  Thulopakhar

Tel: N/A

E-Mail: N/A