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” AYON School of Leadership

Place : Hotel Pension Vasana, Dillibazar,
Date : 27 January – 1st February 2018


AYON School of Leadership – Batch #1

AYON School of Leadership aims to produce local youth advocates to address gender-based violence and discrimination, disaster risk reduction and response, geographical and caste-based discrimination in local communities. The School of Leadership focused on Feminist Principles of Equality and equipping participants with knowledge and skills to promote activism and movement to address various forms of gender inequality, their roots, and consequences in the communities and province level.

The 5 days Leadership School on Feminism discussed on how Youths can influence other youths to be Champions of Gender Equality and plan for campaigns in their communities. While Gender is traditionally perceived only as cis-gendered and heterosexual woman’s issue, this event also challenged participants to be more gender inclusive to include LGBTIQ when they talk or work on gender issues.

In addition, a 1-day training focused on disaster response and the role of youth in post-disaster. The School of Leadership involved 30 youths representing 7 provinces for 6 days of participatory training and discourse. The participants included youths from disadvantaged groups including youths with disability, LGBTQI youths, and from earthquake-affected communities.

After the training, they will initiate social impact campaigns and advocacy initiatives to promote gender equality and address gender-based discrimination and violence in their communities. Also, the participants will be equipped to respond to the disaster and be the local advocate in post-disaster.


AYON School of Leadership – Batch #2

Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) has completed School of Leadership on Human Rights and

 Anti-Oppression to build youth leaders who promote social justice and anti-oppression movements in their communities.

Around 30 plus youths representing 7 provinces were involved in the training which was concluded in 12th March at Hotel Rama, Janakpur, Province 2.

This training included intersectional movement and Youth Leadership for disaster preparedness and response.

This will enable youths to resist and take stand against oppressive and discriminating principles in their communities.

Youths were acknowledged about their privilege and promotion of the rights of citizens who were marginalized to build larger youth solidarity to address discrimination and oppression that exist in various forms.

After the training, the participants will lead social impact campaigns and advocacy initiatives addressing discrimination in their communities.

We would like to thank all the participants, facilitators, government representatives for your active participation for the success of this residential training.

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