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Past Staffs


Saroj KC

Director of Programs (2018 – 2019)

Saroj has worked with media and civil society organizations for more than a decade in both policy and practice level in Nepal. His primary role has always been to design and manage the programs/projects related to community empowerment, quality education, human rights, child rights, and social justice. He calls himself a lifelong learner and a graduate on Social Work, Education, and Social Change.


Pabitra Kandel

Finance Officer (2018)

Pabitra has completed her Master’s Degree in Finance from Shanker Dev Campus. She loves dealing with financial matters and AYON has given her an opportunity to expertise her skills, knowledge, and ability in the field of finance and admin. She also has working experience in other financial sectors but she feels that working with AYON would be an amazing experience and journey since it deals with the youths of the country.


Binita Karki 

Communications, Documentation and Outreach Officer (2018 – 2019)

Binita Karki is one of the co-founders of ‘2030 Youth Force’, Asia-Pacific Regional Youth Network that works on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She has expanded the network in Nepal and spreading awareness regarding SDGs among Nepali youths.

She is the Winner of Nepal’s Top 7 Debaters 2013, a reality television show with the broadcast on NTV Plus. Binita has worked as the director of ‘Nepal’s Top 7 Debaters’ & ‘Nepal’s Top 7 Young Poets’, reality television shows. She is currently doing her Post Graduate degree in Institute of Crisis Management Studies, Kathmandu. She has mentored a Media Training to the youths from remote parts of Nepal. She is also active in literature and has published two Ghazal Collections namely ‘Aagaman and Kaifiyat’.

Binita is a ‘Rising Star’ of an international non-government organization named ‘Wedu’. Being from a remote part of Nepal, she aspires to become a social entrepreneur to eradicate poverty and create a peaceful and inclusive society.

Alsa Pandey (Khadka)

District Program Officer (2018-2019)

I am a 29 years old female person. I have a decade of professional and leadership experience working with youth, women and academic field with children in Nepal. My specialization is Youth advocacy, Human Rights, Peacebuilding, Public Security and justice, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Governance and Leadership etc. Having more in youth social field as well as women reproductive health , I was involved in SAVE the Children, Centre for Agro Ecology and Development, Partnership Nepal as well as in Youth Partnership for Development and Peace Nepal. Besides this, I am also a member of the Women Empowerment Club of Bhaktapur.

I have moderated high level discussions, facilitated trainings, given interviews, lectures and presentation related to development issues and youth rights mechanism as well as NGO governance in locally, nationally and internationally. I am active in evaluation and monitoring part of the projects, program designing, lobbying and campaigning as well as policy advocacy at all level. I hold a Master’s Degree in Sociology and Anthropology in Social Science. Beside this I hold Master degree in English from education Faculty and post Bachelor’s in English from Purbanchal University of Nepal. Its my pleasure to say that I have been awarded by the University of RHODE ISLAND felicitated from US EMBASSY RISE NEPAL.


Rajat Ojha

Program Associate (2018 – 2019)

Starting from my education, I have a management studies background and have completed my Bachelor degree in social work and currently pursuing my master degree in International cooperation and development.

Being a social work student I have worked with various organizations as an intern, but this is my first job experience in Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON); where I got chance to learn and explore myself.

In my opinion youths are the change makers of the nation and working with them would expand the knowledge and skills.

I love reading non-fiction books, travel new places and playing sports.


Sushmita KC

Finance Officer (2015 – 2018)

Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Business Studies (MBS) course from St. Xavier’s College, Maitighar.

I am a youth and I can feel what other youths feel about.

The youths have a high spirit to bring about change that no one else can. As youths are developers of any country, so working with them is always a great source of inspiration. We at AYON, therefore, enjoy working for them.

Youths are a synonym for networking knowledge about social issues and a clear representation of future Nepal.

As a youth, I am an enthusiastic person and have strong willpower, though often situations and other barriers go against.


Menaka Paneru 

Finance Associate (2018)

Talking about her educational background, she has completed her Master’s degree in Finance from the Central Department of Management, Kirtipur.

Youths are the backbone of the nation and can certainly change the future of society by their well being and courageous behavior. AYON, a youth-led organization has been working on various social issues exercising creativity and positive energy of youth. And being a youth herself, she feels much more energized working at AYON.

Babu Ram Pant

Director of Programs (2016 – 2017)

With a decade of experience working for human rights, youth participation, and sustainable development with focus on programming, research and policy advocacy at national, regional and global levels, I am the first person from Nepal selected as Special Youth Fellow to work with the United Nations Population Fund in its headquarters in New York, where I worked on Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s report on Population and Development submitted to the UN General Assembly, RIO +20 Youth Participation Strategy, and Capacity Building of Youth Organizations among others. I have previously supported the work of UNFPA in Nepal as Youth Program Consultant.

I was vice-chair of Board of Directors of Youth Coalition (a global network of young people) from 2013 to 2015, and currently co-chair SRR in Development Task Force. I led Youth Coalition’s advocacy work at the UN Headquarters during UN General Assembly in 2014 and 2015, and worked on the capacity building of youth in Asia-Pacific regionally. I have worked with the Governments of Netherlands, Germany, Indonesia, UN Population Fund, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN Environment Program, and UNDPI as Trainer, Resource Person, Speaker, Panelist, and Rapporteur to contribute to important International Conferences, Meetings, and Training. I am also on the Program Advisory Committee of Asia Pacific Resource and Research Center for Women (ARROW), a regional organization based in Malaysia.

I am a student of Sociology and English Literature. I love reading literature, watching movies, and cycling.



Pratap AdhikariPratap Adhikari

Program Manager (2015 – 2017)

I have been working in the social development sector for more than 10 years now remaining in various capacities and holding various responsibilities with the non-government organizations.  In 2008, I was part of the team who founded a youth-led NGO, “Nepal Youth Awareness Organisation” which later organized awareness programs on health and environmental issues along with conducting the relevant events. During 2009 and 2013 I worked with Grassroot Movement in Nepal (GMIN) where I was engaged mainly in rebuilding schools project and related work. I am also Founder Vice-President of GMIN Nepal.

I have been working at AYON since May 2015 as National Program Coordinator for Youth Engage Project funded by European Union (EU) and in collaboration with Search for Common Ground (SFCG). Currently, I have been working as Program Manager at AYON since February 2016.




Abhas D Rajopadhyaya

Abhas D Rajopadhyaya 

Communication, Documentation & Outreach Officer (2015 – 2017)

A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow always hopeful of romance and adventure.

Joining AYON was a new path in my career – working with enthusiastic, vibrant groups of youths for the first time.

Personally, I am a student of mass communication and anthropology and have received a graduate degree in both these subjects. I am also a faculty member of mass communication at Kantipur City College, Kathmandu and assistant editor of KCC Media Journal.

My subjects of interest include folklore, oral history, rituals, Indology, Newar studies and very recently – youth culture. I have worked in different research projects, notable ones being at Hanumandhoka Museum (Kathmandu) and Agnishala Temple (Lalitpur).

I regularly contribute on culture and heritage issues to different newspapers and magazines. I also have published articles in academic journals and presented papers in different national/ international conferences.


Sanjog Shrestha

Administration & Finance Officer (2015 – 2017)

Starting from my education, I have a management studies background and have completed my BBS program. Before working on youth organization, I was involved in construction-related offices as well as Sipradi Trading (TATA Motors) for which I managed financial documents.

I am also engaged in the British Council where different youths were involved which was a pulling factor for me to work in NGOs related with youth. For me, youths complete the nation. They have the energy which can innovate good things that can contribute to the national development. A teamwork is obviously necessary for progress because of which AYON (umbrella network of 92 organizations) tries to bind them into a team.



Bikash Sharma

Bikash Sharma

Designer (2017)

I am passionate about graphic designing and have been working in this field since 2012.

However, I have had working experience in the sector since 2008 holding different positions in renowned agencies at both national and international level.

I enjoy working at AYON closely with other colleagues to design AYON’s outreach materials.



Dikshya AyerDikshya Ayer 1

Program Officer (2015 – 2017)

Being the first job of her life, AYON has been providing an endowment to nurture and shape her professional career.

She has graduated in B.Sc. Forestry from Kathmandu Forestry College. She has been engaged in AYON since the April 2015 earthquake, especially during the relief and recovery activities.

Her subjects of interest include environmental sustainability, disaster risk reduction and youth engagement in environmental conservation.

She has had experiences in organizing art competitions and plantation programs.

She loves traveling, adventures, reading novels and learning new things.


Rina Chaudhary

Documentation & Program Associate

Rina Chaudhary holds a Master of Arts in Sociology from Tribhuvan University and Graduation Diploma in Social Sciences from Nepal School of Social Science and Humanities, Kathmandu. As a junior policy research fellow at ASD, she has focused her research on the impact of the April earthquake on women, young girls, and women with disabilities.



Sunita Lama

Sunita Lama

Former Office Assistant

This is the first time that I am working as an office assistant in any organization. Working with youths is something very new to me. This is the age, this is the time and this is the era of youths.

What I want to convey to the youths is: do good, the future lies in your hands.


Mr. Anil Upadhayay

Director of Programs

Mr. Anil Upadhayay is a familiar name among the Youth and civil society activists in Nepal. He is also the human rights and democracy strengthening campaigner in Nepal. He has represented so many national and international events on democracy and human rights as a Youth activist. He was the fellow of Rise & Lead : Empowering Youth Leaders in Asia and Asia Young Leaders for Democracy. Being from a remote part of Nepal (Far – western Nepal),he aspires to become a social entrepreneur, evidence based human rights activist to eradicate poverty and create a peaceful and inclusive society.

Mr. Upadhayay had contributed almost half of the decades in Main -Stream Media and a decade in the development sector of Nepal. Mr. Upadhayay also led the Localization of Sustainable Development Goals 16 (SDG 16) Project which is focused on Peace, justice, human rights and enhancing the capacity of CSOs in Nepal. Beside this he has also contributed as a secretariat focal person of Nepal SDGs forum a common platform of all Nepalese Civil Society organizations on implementing the SDGs in Nepal. He has been also involving directly in gender equality (SDG5) reduced inequalities (SDG10), Partnership for the goals (SDG 17) including Women rights and marginalized people rights and justice through the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals in Nepal.

Mr. Upadhayay is well educated Youth Activist, He has already received three degrees in Mass Communication, Sociology and Law (LLM). He is also the member of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights National Network in Nepal. Mr. Upadhayay has proficiency on Project planning, management, designing and implementation of training activities, monitoring and human resource management.


Sushmita Shrestha

Senior Program Officer

I have received a B. A in majoring Sociology and Major English from Rainbow International College ( affiliated Tribhuwan University) from Nepal and pursuing a master degree in  Glocal -Community Development from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I am keenly interested to work on gender rights and gender equity in both rural and urban areas of Nepal.

Besides that I love traveling and experiencing their locality, reading novels.

Kritagya Chand

IT Officer / Designer

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Bangalore.

He is passionate about graphic designing.
AYON has given him a platform to showcase his expertise on various activities.

He enjoys working at AYON closely with other colleagues to design AYON’s outreach materials.

He loves sports, traveling to new places, watching movies.