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Vacancy : National Consultant


Association of Youth Organizations Nepal

Terms of Reference

Requirement National Consultant
Assignment Develop a youth entrepreneur starter kit


Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) is a not-for-profit, autonomous and youth led-youth run network of youth organizations established in 2005. It acts as an umbrella organization of youth organizations throughout the country and provides a common platform for collaboration, cooperation, joint actions and collective endeavor among youth organizations in Nepal. AYON is registered with the District Administration Office (DAO), Kathmandu in 2005 and has its affiliation with the Social Welfare Council (SWC) of Nepal in 2006. It represents 92 youth organizations representing more than 600,000 members of 44 districts.


Nepal’s youth were among the most vulnerable groups in the national labour market. Indicators from unemployment (15-24 years), underemployment (25-39 years), and informality (15-24 years) showed a predominant concentration of Nepali youth as per findings of the Nepal Labour Force Survey (NLFS 2017/18). Those who were in the formal economy were also largely engaged in casual employment, which by nature is a short term work without guarantee of employment security.

These and other pre-existing factors meant that the impact of COVID-19 on Nepal’s labour market has been primarily concentrated on youth. We know that the first to lose their employment were those in informal employment and those with casual jobs, who were youth. The broader problem is that this impact has been sustained over a year now, with the possibility of extending further. That has the potential to drive up already high underemployment among youth, and which has serious consequences for national development especially with regards to benefitting from our current ‘demographic dividend’.


AYON in partnership with ILO’s technical assistance component of Skills for Employment Programme (ILO SEP) is working to promote employment and youth centric planning at subnational level.

National Youth Council have documented an approach taken by Changunarayan municipality where development of enterprise trainers and delivery of training to prospective youth entrepreneurs yielded positive labour market outcomes. The idea is to take these learnings and pilot them in a systematic manner in selected municipalities in Province 2 and Lumbini province. There is expected to be a long term demonstration effect and a short term positive youth employment impact from piloting this initiative. Where possible, this piloting will be tied into the dignity of labour, local employment strategy, and mechanisms of dialogue sub strategies outlined above. In sum, it will provide on ground evidence that guides and draws from other strategies.


The objectives of the task is to:

  1. Review the approach implemented by National Youth Council to develop enterprise trainers and use the learnings from documents to formulate a training manual as a guiding document (Youth Entrepreneur Starter Kit) to be used in training young entrepreneurs to improve their businesses.
  2. Conduct consultation with National Youth Council, Ministry of Labour Employment and Social Security and ILO and incorporate any feedback for the formulation of the starter kit.
  3. Make sure the document covers all aspects of current market trends and resources available to start and expand new business idea.
  4. Present the document to AYON ready for full implementation.


  1. Youth Entrepreneur Starter Kit to start and improve youth’s business. All documents should be in editable format.

Payment Schedule

Payment will be made in two installments upon submission of agreed deliverables to the satisfaction of AYON;

First installment: 30% of total consultancy fee after submission of work plan

Final installment: 70% of total consultancy fee after submission of all deliverables


All works and deliverables will be completed within the contract period

Minimum Qualification

  • Masters degree in business or management from a reputable university
  • At least 5 years of experience working with new businesses, mentoring youth refining their business ideas, businesses development and investment.

Deadline for Application: 9th of June 2021
Working Days: 20
Remuneration: Competitive
Email address for application: ayon@ayon.test

Interested applicants are requested to email their CV along with a short cover letter (no more than 750 words) describing their relevant expertise to showcase how they best fit the role.

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