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Call for Quotation for Animation Video


Call for Quotation for Animation Video on Stress Management during COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Project Description

Animation: The consultant will make plans to develop 2D Animation video from the mid of June, 2021, with the video delivered by the end June, 2021. The animated video will be no longer than 90 Second. AYON will provide a script, so the quotation should include only post-production. The consultant will work with AYON staff to review final draft edits.

2. Objectives

The main objective of this task is to prepare an animation video on stress management during the COVID-19 which will be shared through social media.

3. Deliverable

The final copy has to be submitted by the end of June, 2021.

4. Consultant Specifications

• At least 2 years’ experience of the firm in making animated videos on various social issues.
• Proven track record of creating videos and audios for social cause in partnership with I/NGOs.
• Experienced team members.
• Availability of high quality equipment and technology.

5. Supervision Arrangements

The consultant(s) will closely work with the Program Manager of AYON.

6. Proposal submission

To submit your proposal, kindly compulsory send letter of interest, organization registration, Tax Clearance and any other legal document, 3 previous videos and list of equipment.
Submission should be done electronically prior to 11:59 PM NST on 6th June 2021 under the subject “Quotation for Animated Video Production” to the official E-mail address of Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON): ayon@ayon.test along with the services of the post-production.

If you have any queries, please contact us via our Facebook or Email.

7. Proposal Review/ Scoring Criteria

The received proposals will be assessed based on the criteria mentioned below

  • Organization background/relevant experience – 30%
  • Existing Human Resource/Experience – 20 %
  • Previous Work – 10%
  • Budget – 40%

Total = 100%

8. Selection Committee

The procurement committee of AYON will be assigned for the selection.

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