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Youth Co:Lab 3.0 4th Runner Up – Impact Seed


About Impact Seed

Bodhi Agro (Impact Seed) is a newly registered social business which aims to provide organic inputs, knowledge and market for the agro produce, making a vertical integration network. Our vision is to incorporate sustainability in agriculture and prosperity for the farmers.


4th Runner Up : Impact Seed


Team Profile

Rupesh Sah (MD at Bodhi Agro Pvt Ltd), believes that academic and professional experience in the business, development sector and a natural interest in the biotech sector gives me the capacity to lead the initiation. I also have a genuine interest to bring prosperity through agriculture touching the low-income Rural Areas. Since my company is in the first few months I outsource my works on need basis like legal, audit and logistics, it’s cheaper and more efficient that way at the moment. Though, the need for non-skilled manpower for manual is my immediate need. The nature of my work requires the need of technical seed and agro experts which are rare to find in Nepal as a private consultant so my unofficial teams are the seed scientist which I am not allowed to name for private participation in business activity as a government rule. But the government agro divisions are my current team on whose partnership the production of seeds is possible. Besides that, there are private and government consulting organization, agro universities and private company who can be our potential partners since the climate of Terai resembles more towards India and its advantage to work with Indian expertise as well.

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