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Youth Co:Lab 3.0 3rd Runner Up – SMBP Biodegradable Diapers


About SMBP Diapers

The study mainly focuses on the environmental health challenges posed by the negligent disposal child diapers. Traditionally, cloth diapers were used and later on the use of disposable diapers are steadily growing these days. But these disposable diapers contain more harmful chemicals which cause different health issues in the children and take long years to decompose. It is time to concentrate on eco-friendly diapers, which are safe and offers supernatural performances and provide baby sensitive skin which will stay dry and comfortable. The study recommends that we should use naturally available raw materials so that it will be eco-friendly and we should concern with experts and do surveys related to the field.


3rd Runner Up : SMBP Diapers


Team Profile


  1. Binita Soti, 22 years old from Bharatpur-4, Chitwan, is currently studying the course of Bachelor in Business Administrations (BBA), having passion on social services, love to read and write novels and traveling to different places and help those people who survive in problem mentally and physically. She is energetic, confident persons with the ability to work well under pressure and time management skills, also excellent communication and interpersonal skills along with coordination with a team member. She has attended lots of social venture programs and boot camps, seminars workshops guided by self-motivation to achieve successful person tag line in her life. Energetic girl work as an intelligent person with a higher aim in her life is the best part of her life and her family plays an important role in achieving her goal of life.
  2. Sristi Ghimire, 22 years from Gaindakot-14, Nawalparasi; is a student of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Presidency College of Management Science who belongs from a middle-class family having a passion for social services. She loves to read books and try new things. She has attended different social programs, workshops, seminars and marketing boot camps. She is a hardworking, confident and talented person with the ability to work well under pressure and time management skills, good communication skills along with coordination with team members.
  3. Pradip Rijal from Gaindakot-13, Nawalparsi age 21 years old is a student of Bachelor of Business Administrative at Presidency College of Management Science. She belongs to a middle-class family and is highly passionate about social work and is involved in different social work through the local youth club. He has already worked on Mukundapur saving and credit co-operative for one year. He has attended different social business workshop, seminars and marketing boot camps who have good communication skills and can easily socialize in the team and new environment. He is passionate to start a new social venture for solving emerging social problems.
  4. Manisha Poudel, 22 years from Bharatpur -16, Chitwan is currently studying Bachelors in Presidency College of Management Sciences. She is very passionate, hardworking, with good leadership skills and good communication skills. She belongs to the middle-class family, where her parents are involved in private jobs. They also support her in contributing to society’s welfare.
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