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Youth Co:Lab 3.0 2nd Runner Up – Aawas


About Aawas

Aawas is a venture that aims to provide affordable housing solutions by manufacturing bricks, roof and floor tiles out of plastic through dignified labor.

Aawas recycles plastic waste to manufacture alternative bricks. Recycled alternative bricks, helps to construct housing at affordable cost, and protects the land and water habitats, by reducing land and water degradation.

Aawas will:

  • Provide eco-friendly, antibacterial, antifungal bricks, roof and floor tiles made out of plastic
  • Manage around 5 tons of plastic waste produced daily, lowering land and water pollution
  • Guarantee human rights to workers

Pollution overall has a lot of adverse effects on our lives. Among all the pollutants, plastic is a major one creating land, water and air pollution. With a lifespan of 450 years, this waste creates a lot of challenges for its management. Whereas on the other hand, many Nepalese people still live in substandard conditions and over 175,000 workers, of whom as many as 60,000 are children, labor in unhealthy and unsafe conditions in Nepal’s brick kilns. This is where Aawas comes in action; our products will be made out of plastic and will have strength to withstand more than 15 tons of weight; along with other unique features such as being waterproof, thermal insulator etc. Aawas can also help a lot of middle class families with affordable houses. And at the same time its features will make it the first choice of engineers too. Aawas is a new concept in the context of Nepal, but its promising results can make it a market leader.

On the whole, the primary focus of our venture will be to provide solutions to plastic waste management and unaffordable housing. But we strongly believe that we can play a part in ending poverty and reducing inequality. Aawas can help us build sustainable communities and cities without affecting lives on land and below water.


2nd Runner Up : Aawas


Team Profile

Bidhi Mandal is a prospective BBA student. She is an active member of Young Female Leadership Forum (YFLF – AYON) and a marketing and outreach intern for Code for Nepal Visit Janakpur initiative, an initiative taken by Mr. Ravi Kumar, a World Bank employee, to promote tourism of Janakpur through various platforms.

She belongs to a middle class family; her father had to leave his job due to his bad health conditions, whereas her mother is a worker in a small dairy. But the most important element that gave rise to Aawas was her own housing conditions. After, the 2015 earthquake, her house’s ceiling ended up with various cracks. They were unsafe in that house but had no option and couldn’t shift to somewhere else or get their own house due to financial hindrances. Seeing the water drip from her ceiling through those cracks, when it rained; she would fear for her own life and her family’s. But slowly she started realizing that she was not alone to feel this way, but thousands of families across Nepal felt the same. Slowly this realization motivated her to help those families with a place which they could proudly call home. Aawas has that ability to make those thousands of dreams come true.

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