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Youth Co:Lab 3.0 1st Runner Up – Digital Sathi


About Digital Sathi

Digital Saathi is a vision necessitated by the desire for a socially inclusive society where 21st century skills aren’t limited to the millennial. Women, who are known as the building blocks of the Nepalese communities, often face disempowerment due to lack of necessary skills, education, and access to training. Triyog High School and Rural Development Initiative came together to work on the vision of an inclusive community learning environment that works toward the inter-generational digital literacy – making the young teach the elderly. Their pilot program during 2018 gave them enough confidence and courage to ambitiously aim for looking at schools as centers of transformation, and community empowerment.

In this carefully curate program; students, teachers, and later, participating women themselves will be empowered to impart digital literacy skills to late adopters. This will enhance the confidence of women at home as well as work, at various strata, to look at the digital world as one of opportunities. Their program also seeks to empower the large mass of intellectual human resources at schools to act as agents of social transformation, both inside the institution and outside.

1st Runner Up : Digital Sathi


Team Profile

School: Triyog High School 

Triyog High School (THS), a private English Medium School was founded in 1987, with a handful of students, by a small group of Nepalese women concerned with providing the girls of Nepal with quality education. Thirty one years down the line; it has grown into one of the

premier co-ed institutions in the country and is a vibrant community of around 1200 students, 100+ teaching staff and another 100 administration and support staff, with local, national, regional, and international collaborations. The School is committed to a sound education based on all round development of ‘mind’, ‘body’ and ‘soul’ of its students. We have a shared commitment to have an aspiring teaching-learning environment where children fully engage themselves in learning by doing. We endeavor to provide a competitive setting with top-facilities nurturing their talents and abilities.

  • Binita Karki

Binita Karki has been working as a teacher at Triyog High School in primary level since 2018, and a student of Microbiology. As a teacher, she assists in the academics, behavior, emotional and social development of the students. Despite the fact that her educational background doesn’t match her profession, she enjoys her job as she believes in adding value to the lives of people and teaching is the best possible way to do that. One of the members of the Leo Club of Manamaiju, Ms. Karki, aspires to bring positive and developmental changes in the society through various activities at her workplace. She also worked during the piloting of Digital Saathi. She strongly believes in self-growth and that is why she motivates herself to be a better version of her own every day. She believes, “When we grow and improve ourselves, then only we can inspire people around us to grow and contribute ourselves for the change that we want to bring in the community.” Aspiring to inspire is her life motto.

  • Kuldeep Bandhu Aryal

Kuldeep started his passion for social innovation during the humanitarian and reconstruction efforts post April, 2015 earthquake in Nepal. He is currently the 2019 Social Innovation Fellow of BRAC. As a Licensee and curator for TEDxPatan, co-founder of Rural Development Initiative, Himalayan Innovations Pvt. Ltd and former Project Development Specialist at Nepal Innovation Lab, he has been actively involved in social and humanitarian sector innovation in Nepal.

Focusing on Engineering, Technology and Design, he aims to bridge traditionally isolated sectors through cross cutting innovation projects. He focuses primarily on design, development, prototyping and pilots and partners with other grassroots organizations for scaled implementation of the projects. He has worked with local and international institutions along with community members to design solutions that are customized and suited to the local needs all the while creating frameworks that allow some scalability and localization as much as possible.

  • Niladri Pariyal

Niladri Pariyal is currently the Principal at Triyog High School and is working with a talented team of administrators, teachers, and specialist collaborators to build Triyog into an institution that is progressive, modern, and in touch with the community – local, national, and international. He is President of Bodhi Toastmasters Club, a worldwide format for developing one’s communication and leadership skills. He is also a writer with a special focus on entrepreneurship and lifestyle. He loves to read, cycle, network, and socialize.

  • Churamani Pandeya

Churamani Pandeya is a classroom practitioner, researcher, teacher trainer and author with almost two decades of experience in education sector currently involved in Triyog High School as Middle School Coordinator since April 2014. As education manager, he contributes in planning, monitoring and evaluation of School activities, and mentoring teachers and supporting students. Mr. Pandeya is also associated with The Times International College as a Senior Lecturer and has co-authored two English practice books for grades eleven and twelve. An executive member of English Subject Committee of Tokha Municipality, Mr. Pandeya, is also a Social Worker, Founder member of Harmichour Samaj Kathmandu, and Adviser of Jaldhara Samaj at Samakhusi, Kathmandu. While working with Triyog High School, he has led several innovative learning projects like The Connected Classrooms Project, Readers’ Club, piloting of Digital Saathi, after-school Academic Support Classes, integrated learning program, etc. He believes in learning by sharing best practices and runs Sharing Sessions with his team mates every week.

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