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Youth Co:Lab 3.0 Winner – dulwa.com


About dulwa.com

dulwa.com is on a mission to promote Nepal’s unique culture and spiritualism through tourism to the global audience. dulwa.com aims to explore the hidden potential tourism destinations of Nepal and market it through the internet. While doing so, dulwa aims to create tourism job opportunities to the local community that has been discovered, train them with cash opportunity skills like hospitality, travel guides, home-stay operations, etc. by collaborating with the local government and other I/NGOs involved, and create an ecosystem where the nature is sustained as well as uplifts the quality of life of the locals. Dulwa also shall create a user-generated content-based digital social travel platform combined with travel e-commerce to promote such destinations as well as create sustainable tourism packages involving the locals.

The catch is simple; dulwa.com wants to support every private and public entity in the effort to raise the tourism standards of the nation. Those who have already traveled to Nepal get to use our digital platform to share their experience, either by writing blogs or posting pictures. For the less-known destinations of Nepal, dulwa.com aims to cover them by collaborating with writers to express these places with feelings, digital content creators to artistically portray the places, and the locals of the place we are visiting to validate the authenticity of the information we provide.


Winners : Dulwa


Dulwa.com is a social travel web platform and travel e-commerce marketplace that connects travelers and tour agencies for customized travel packages for Nepal. Since it is a UGC based digital platform (both website and mobile application), it is backed by travelers’ community who have already traveled Nepal. 

The product is an outcome of the rigorous research conducted by dulwa.com team to find out how the travelers are coming to Nepal, where did they learn about Nepal before planning to come to Nepal, and what were the major drawbacks they faced during their stay to Nepal. 

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