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Roles & Responsibilities of Youth in Democratic Process

“Roles & Responsibilities of Youth in Democratic Process”
Place : Hotel Sunlight, Main Road, Dhangadhi
Date : 06 December 2018


A dialogue series on the topic ‘Roles & Responsibilities of youth in the Democratic process’ was held on 6th December 2018 at Hotel Sunlight, Dhangadhi. Around 27 participants from various background participated in the workshop, facilitated by Mr. Narayan Awasthi.

The main objective of the workshop was to sensitize the youth of Dhangadhi about their roles, responsibilities towards the government.

He discussed the Fundamental Rights of the citizens. Also, the citizens of the nation need to cope with the government in order to make the government accountable. We cannot complain that the government is not accountable if we do not work in accordance with the law of the country.

Youth can play a coordinative role to ensure people’s participation and transparency in democratic society. Youth can play a leading role in the assurance of human right of all citizen and progress of an individual, society and whole nation. Since youth can easily adhere to different knowledge, skills, and concept, the government shall intake youth in the mainstream as a supporting element. Everyone’s voice and will is addressed dignifiedly only in a democratic environment.  To strength democracy into a more strong, beautiful and people-centric governance system, the youth shall be provided with inclusive opportunities and those opportunities shall be invested in democratization. If and only youth get the opportunity to lead and contribute on transparency, accountability and good governance of society, democracy in the real sense can be achieved.


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