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Feminist Dialogue Series and Self – Defense Training

“Feminist Dialogue Series and Self – Defense Training”
Place : Gautam Hotel, Bardibas, Mahottari
Date : 06 May 2018


Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) organized a ‘Feminist Dialogue Series & Self-Defence Training’ to discuss the achievements, dreams, challenges, and struggles of women at the local level and to train them to overcome those issues.

More than 30 participants from the diverse background including visually impaired women participated in the event which was held in Hotel Gautam, Bardibas, Mahottari district on 6th of May.

The aim of the training was to provide them self-defense training in order to make them more confident to deal with physical harassment situation and help spread the knowledge with other peers.

Gender discrimination, Dowry system, Gender-based violence/ domestic violence, Human trafficking were the issues that were addressed by the participants happening in their community.

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