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Proud to be a part of AYON School of Leadership


Proud to be a part of AYON School of Leadership

It is said that the labor never goes in vain, in the same way, the hard labor of AYON who had done many things for we participants.  They made us energetic leader from the common people.  The organizing team was amazing and praiseworthy. We really feel proud for being the first batch of AYON School Of Leadership Training in 2018 which was held in Kathmandu.

Through the whole periods of training, we learned many practical things very practically, happily, friendly and freshly. AYON had provided us a great platform to know each other, to know each other’s unique identity and contribution to community services.

The training reinforced us to be an active, energetic and an intellectual leader in order to bring positive change in our community. The topic of Leadership, Gender equality, disaster management, youth community engagement activism, volunteerism, innovations, self-defense, LGBTIQ, women empowerment etc were included in the training sessions that broadened

Lastly, once again I’d like to give special thanks to whole AYON team for providing this golden opportunity to the youths of all over the country.

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