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Demolishing a classroom – Leader’s Camp II Experience



Helping those in need and making the world a better place to live has always been my greatest passion. I followed the same at Leader’s Camp II organized by AYON in the last week of June 2016.

Volunteerism has played a very fruitful part in my life and career, that has given immense satisfaction along with avalanche of happiness. AYON has been a lot of support to me and has been a dazzling step in my journey as a volunteer and trainee.

Recently we went for a leadership camp to Batase in Sindhupalchowk district, where we helped to rebuild a school for the children. It had been a wonderful experience with so much learning to gain and we got to learn many life skills as well.

Destroying a classroom was an emotional moment — cracked black-board on the wall. I could still read some assignments chalked on the board, and could only imagine how children would study there. The roof fell to the April disaster: children’s education had been without shelter for so long. The work had to go on; we had to destroy the classroom for a new beginning.

The life of the disaster-affected was hard. In spite of that the villagers were of great help: truly we know people the best from their hard times. Our work was easier and productive with their support.

The six day camp taught me a lot, from life-changing skills to self-realization and teamwork. I’m really very grateful to AYON for this opportunity. My next plan is for Youth Leadership Camp and start over another gratifying event as well.

Pranav Raj Regmi

BASW (First year)
K & K International College, Baneswhor, Kathmandu.

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