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NYA 18-points Declaration (English)

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National Youth Assembly 2016 — Youth Declaration

27 May 2016 (Friday)

Restating the claim that Nepalese youths have led the social, cultural and political changes that have so far occurred in Nepalese history,

Appreciating and remembering the leadership role of youths in relief, rescue and rehabilitation post the 2016 April (2072 Baisakh) Earthquake that claimed many lives and property loss,

Stressing upon the national and local level dissemination and implementation of United Nations (UN) Security Council Resolution 2250 relating to youths and security, and the goals of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that directly concern youths,

Stressing on the need to further address the wider ownership and inclusiveness of the Constitution of Nepal that was promulgated after long endeavors on 20 September 2015 (3 Ashoj 2073 BS),

Stressing upon the implementation of the provisions of National Youth Policy, 2015 (2072 BS), Youth Vision – 2025, National Youth Council Act, 2015 (2072 BS) and other policies relating to youths,

Stressing the need of inclusive endeavors and leadership participation of youths to establish democracy and state system including inclusive state structure and social justice to build peaceful, prosperous and just Nepal with social, economical and cultural transformations,

Remembering the responsibility towards the nation with mottos that change is possible, the change is possible only by youths and we are moving ahead in this mission,

We, 500 youth representatives present in the National Youth Assembly (NYA) 2016 from 75 districts, mountains, hills and Terai/Madhesh, have issued the following Youth Declaration.

Declaration on Policy Process —

  1. Though promulgated through Constituent Assembly, the new constitution has not been able to fulfil the feelings and expectations of all Nepalese and thus has not been owned by all sectors. In the present context of problems at constitution implementation, the assembly highly calls for a way out via means of talks, debates and discussion with all stakeholders. We, youths, are highly committed to take necessary steps, pressurize and work to lead the inclusive constitution, with sustainable peace, harmony and ownership, to a meaningful conclusion.
  2. The role of youths in the immediate relief, rescue and rehabilitation post the 2016 April Earthquake has been important. Not even the basic needs of those affected by the earthquake have been fulfilled one year after the earthquake, due to lack of accountable and rapid reconstruction. The policies and theories of reconstruction have not been implemented in practice, due to which hundreds of thousands of earthquake-affected have been forced to live in temporary shelters till now. We, youths, are committed to participate in nation development raising voice on effective implementation of reconstruction with accountability.
  3. We call for immediate and effective implementation of the policies with necessary resources, in the present context of promulgation of National Youth Policy, 2015 (2072 BS), Youth Vision – 2025, National Youth Council Act, 2015 (2072 BS). It is best to appoint a youth in the capacity of Minister of Youth and Sports. The National Youth Council (NYC) should be finalized centrally and decentralized transparently at the local level as far as possible appreciating those capable. Adequate resources and provisions should be made for the implementation of Youth Vision – 2025. We, youths, are committed to make necessary partnership and support with youth identity, representation and access for the implementation of policies and provisions concerning youths.
  4. Despite ensuring some rights, it seems that the present constitution restricts the appointment of youths in constitutional bodies — this must be amended and youths obtaining their citizenship card at the age of 16 should be entitled the right to vote. We also request concerned authorities to make proper provisions to include over four million Nepalese youths living abroad in course of foreign employment in the voting process from foreign land itself. We, youths, are highly committed to play constructive role for the proper implementation of the Constitution.

Declaration on Working Procedures —

  1. Effective leadership and participation of youths in the policy level makes a country prosperous faster; thus, meaningful participation of youths in social, cultural and political areas should be ensured. We, youths, are ready to take lead. We are committed to work for youth empowerment.
  2. Youths need to be mainstreamed in development, ensuring youth-friendly budgets and youth participation in the decision-making level from the very local level. We, youths, are committed to work continuously for participatory decision-making and meaningful participation of youths.
  3. Proper environment should be made to restrict youth involvement in organized violence, group violence and any other types of violent behaviour. Sustainable peace and cooperation cannot be guaranteed without freeing youths from such violent activities. We, youths, are committed to work to end all types of organized violence, group crime and all types of political, social, cultural and criminal violence.
  4. Any discrimination and inequality hinders the social progress. A joint unified campaign is required to end all types of discrimination, social evils (child marriage, polygamy, dowry, sexual violence etc.), injustice, inequality and violence to create a just and equal society. We, youths, are committed to end all types of inequality, discrimination, violence and traditional harmful practices prevalent in the society.
  5. Issues of mental, sexual and reproductive health of youths are important for the physical, mental and overall development of a person. We, youths, are committed to include the issues of youth mental, sexual and reproductive health in the youth-targeted programs.
  6. Proportional and inclusive young female participation must be ensured. Participation from youths from third gender and differently-able must be ensured as well. Overall development of the nation is not possible without equal leadership from females of all area, class and groups. We, youths, are committed to proportional and inclusive young female participation from family to policy-making level of the nation.
  7. The number of human resources as a result of youth bulge needs to be involved in productive works. Youth bulge comes once in a history and is important opportunity for Nepal. For this, all policies of the nation must be addressed. We, youths, are committed to take lead for national development ourselves and to participate youths in creative production.
  8. Employment is a concern and right for youths. The new Constitution has provisioned employment as a fundamental right. Necessary skill development and opportunities for earning must be ensured in the nation itself by increasing dignity of labour in youths; for this inter-sectoral coordination is essential among responsible ministry, departments and bodies. Education must be made practical, life-enhancing and vocational. We, youths, are committed to identify newer avenues of earning and to work in identified areas, enhancing dignity of labour.
  9. Remittance must be used as a basis for sustainable investment by making foreign employment safer, managed and dignified. Necessary strategy must be formulated to minimize social values resulting from foreign employment. Sending energetic youth forces to foreign employment is only an immediate alternative, not a sustainable solution. We, youths, are committed to minimize social costs brought in family, society and nation by foreign employment, enhancing the benefits of foreign employment and to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for youths within the country.
  10. The development of Nepal can be accelerated with maximum use of Information Technology (IT). Thus, all youths must be connected via IT to enhance their access. Majority of youths are connected with IT and we, youths, are committed to its wider development.
  11. Youths at risk of drug abuse and HIV/AIDs must be given proper opportunities, with respect to their rights. We, youths, are committed to support such youths already at or exposed to risks, pursuant to National Youth Policy.
  12. Our nation has been facing great loss every year due to natural disasters as earthquake, floods, landslides, fire etc. Necessary system should be immediately developed to minimize disaster risks and mitigating disaster effects. We, youths, are committed to raise awareness on such disasters and lead as volunteers during such disasters.
  13. Those in public positions must be made accountable to public. We, youths, are committed to enhance awareness and support to create transparent and responsible administrative system.
  14. Civil and political rights of a person must be respected. In using one’s rights, other’s rights should not be compromised. We, youths, are committed to seek alternatives towards activities restricting anyone’s rights of personal freedom.


The National Youth Assembly (NYA) 2016 (2073 BS) strongly calls the Government of Nepal, political parties, civil society, donor agencies, development partners and stakeholders to endeavor towards the implementation of all the points in this Declaration with priority. We, youths, are committed to fulfill our responsibility in the implementation thereof.


27 May 2016 (Friday), 14 Jestha 2073                                                                                       Lalitpur, Nepal.

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