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Diary of YWC Volunteer – Dikshya Ayer


Diary of a YWC volunteerDikshya Ayer 1


22 May 2015:  We, a group of 18 youth rebuilders, headed to Madalsingh and Sathpur of Bharta VDC, Makwanpur. From Madalsingh, another group headed ahead towards Sathpur.

A tiring 7-8 hour drive and an hour hike made us tired; so we rested an hour. Then we held a small meet with local leaders about the works to be done in the coming days.

23 May 2015: At around 6:00 am, we started to clean rubbles of Bir Bahadur Syanbo’s and his elder brother’s house. Despite mourning the loss of his 18-month child in the quake, he welcomed us whole heartedly. After our work was done, he kindly expressed his gratitude.

Thereafter, we built a shelter for a Tamang family. We also recovered their property and food items from the rubbles.

Our work went for 7 days demolishing houses, clearing rubbles for 5 other families. We followed a guidelines of a small review and reflection-cum-plan meeting every night.


9 June 2015: After only a week of returning from Bharta, AYON planned next camp in Rai Gaun, Makwanpur. I was assigned to lead the team. A day ahead, volunteers were given an orientation. We, in group of 15, left for Rai Gaun and Gadan. Reaching there we had a meeting with Bir Bahadur Rai (local focal person) as previous. We, volunteers for AYON and two members from CEPP, divided ourselves in a group of two, where the second one left for Gadan. We visited school, conducted need assessments and planned for the camp.

10 June 2015: We started working in the field to clear the debris of school.

11 June 2015: We started our work to make TLCs using bamboo. Local teachers and students happily supported. Being a leader was a challenge, but thanks to the helpful team, teachers and students who made the mission a success. Our work was well-appreciated by the school with a certificate.

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