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Street Drama Campaign – awareness on earthquake safety



Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON), Pathshala Theatre and Youth Initiative jointly organized Theatre Marathon-2016: Informing, Educating and Engaging people in Post-Earthquake Rebuilding. It was launched marking 18th Earthquake Safety Day admist the National Reconstruction Mega Campaign program initiated by National Reconstruction Authority on the same day at Bungamati, Lalitpur. Commemorating Great Nepal-Bihar Earthquake of 1934, Nepal marked 18th Earthquake Safety Day on January 16, 2016. Theater Marathon comprises a series of street drama which was conducted from 16th of January to 24th of January in 40 different places engaging about 75 students from 5 different colleges (initially planned to engage 150 students from 10 colleges) inside Kathmandu Valley for which they were trained for the street drama on rebuilding and earthquake preparedness. Initially, the event was expected to have 10 colleges as participants and so the workshops and preparations were conducted in the following colleges: Nepal College of Management, Kings College, Universal College, Kathmandu University School of Management, Acme Engineering College, RR Campus, Thames International, Apex College and Goldengate International College. Theater Marathon proved to be innovative way to reach out more people and the message was disseminated in much appropriate way as people watched it with keen interest. Moreover it engaged youth artists and in way encouraged youth for participation and their constructive role in reconstructing the nation. This will further engage individual participants to discuss and share on earthquake preparedness.



The youths are open to new ideas and accept changes readily. With youth involvement, progressive ideas that matter in long run are easily transmitted through society. Youth could be the driving force behind the changes of nation in the new millennium. The engagement of youth in relief and reconstruction phase has been exemplary and there is need to revive and retain their youthful energy in helping rebuild communities thus participating and contributing in the unique way through “Theater Marathon”.



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