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Power Shift Nepal “I’m a power shifter” 2015


powershifter banner 22Tourism Development Endeavours (TUDE) launched multiyear “I am a Power shifter” campaign in collaboration with various organizations in 2014 to build leadership and a network of youth in Nepal. “I am a Power shifter” focuses on the local concerns in consideration of global perspective of climate change with the aim to raise the bar on climate action and inspire young people to not just talk about climate change but act on it. It works on principle of Knowledge-Action-Promotion module, where the youths are expected to gain knowledge on climate change and its related local issues along with the possible solution followed by the implementation of the solutions and dissemination of it in public.

“I Am a Power Shifter” is a network of youth to share personal experiences and knowledge on ways to address issues of climate change in Nepal, awakening communities and fellow friends with vision that knowledge sharing and capacity building are some of the first steps in building more aware and sensitize communities.

In the first phase of the campaign, 100 youths from diverse background came together for three days residential training. These youths were further divided into five groups where they carry their themes on (Drama-Documentary-Documentation, Research, Eco-friendly Business, Eco-friendly-behaviour and Alternative Energy) according to their interest.

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