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राष्ट्रिय युवा सम्मेलन २०१३


Association of Youth Organisations Nepal (AYON) is the network of youth led and youth run organization of 92 organizations nationwide with a reach to youths of 55 districts of Nepal directly. AYON aims of bringing Nepali youth organisations in a single forum in order to create a strong voice of Nepali youths from local to national level. AYON has been consolidating youth voices by organising number of meetings, consultations, workshops, programs and public forums on regular basis.


 National Youth Assembly 2013 is the result of all AYON’s past involvements in various initiatives, through which AYON is able to make youths voice heard louder at planning to implementation level. Based on experience and positive outcome of AYON’s activities, its previous assembly on 2007 & 2009 and youth meets since 2010 to 2012, AYON is organising NYA 2013 (28-29 December). The major aim of NYA 2013 is to bring the representative from all 75 district of Nepal in a common platform to work for common goal of Youth and Nation Development. The issues discussed in the forum will be inclusive ranging from health, employment, education to opportunity for Youths.

 The program will facilitate youth with the opportunity to interact with the diverse community of national and international youths, stakeholders, policy makers, leaders, entrepreneur, etc. Raising issues/problems, discussion, learning and sharing of opportunity/possibility, develop networking, advocacy effort, the platform can be a great opportunity to both competent youth and youth who need intuition and environment to become a potential youth.

The participant ion is called from open call where the application should be submitted no later than 23rd December 2013.

Please feel free to email your quires at apply@ayon.test.

Eligibility Criteria:

· Youth (16-29),

· Interested to work for youth and national development

· Women and applicant from marginalized group will be entertained

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