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Walk for Nepal (WfN) Awardees Announcement Ceremony



Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) organized a “Walf for Nepal (WfN) Awardees Announcement Ceremony” program on 15th March, 2012 in AYON Secretariat. Walk for Nepal (WfN) is a walkathon administered by Nepal ko Yuwa (NKY), a global Nepali youth movement striving for positive impact towards individual and societal growth. Walk for Nepal is organized in the spirit of civic collaboration, practical philanthropy and youth innovation.

Nepal ko Yuwa (NKY), in partnership with Boston Youth Nepali Youth Movement and Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON), organized the first ever Walk for Nepal (WfN) in Boston on November 6, 2011 and raised over $19,000 for various social causes. The team raised $7,680 to fund selected projects in Nepal. NKY listed seven projects vetted by AYON on the WfN website for a popular voting contest. In the spirit of democratic process, voting was limited to ‘one vote per computer.’


The top three contenders successful to gain the majority of votes through the online voting poll were announced and were handed over with the cheques for their respective projects in the ceremony held in the premises of AYON Secretariat. The successful top 3 projects were


1.Heartbeat Organization: Dream Center for Street Children

2.Sano Paila Making: Making Life Possible after Drugs

3.Society of Environment Alerted Manpower (SEAM) Ilam: Towards Plastic Free Ilam


The seven projects received 2,812 votes in total. Heartbeat’s “Dream Center for Street Children” received the highest number or votes (1,347) and won the first prize: US$ 3,840.0, Sano Paila’s “Making Life Possible after Drugts” received the second highest number of votes (548) and won the second prize- US$ 2304.0 and SEAM Ilam “Towards Plastic Free Ilam” reveived 404 votes and won the third prize of US$ 1,536. Five social cause organizations (Empowering Dalit Women of Nepal, Friends of Maiti Nepal, Help Nepal Network, Nepalese Children’s Education Fund and Naya Health) had participated in Walk for Nepal, Boston to raise a total of $7,680.


Mr. Rabbindra Mishra from BBC Nepali Service was the Chief Guest for the event who handed over the cheques and shared his words of wisdom regarding “Practical Philanthropy”.


WfN walks to cultivate a culture of civic collaboration, practical philanthropy and youth innovation among Nepalis and friends of Nepal throughout the world.

We walk together. We walk for social causes. We walk for Nepal. Nepal ko Yuwa plans to organize similar walk events in several cities in the US again this year.


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