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National Population Debate


Series of National Population Debate

Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) in joint collaboration with Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) Nepal and UNFPA Nepal is organizing a series of debate program on Population issues. Government of Nepal, Ministry of Health and Population has recently endorsed a long term Population Perspective Plan-PPP (2010-2031), which emphasizes greater need for integration of population dynamics and emerging population issues into national and sectoral development priorities and poverty reduction strategies/plans. In order to stimulate contemporary debate on emerging population issues of Nepal and gather national and regional perspectives on the issues, the “National Population Debates 2011” program has been introduced. The underlying purpose of the debates is to advocate for better policy alignment of population issues with the national development agenda and poverty reduction goals towards attainment of ICPD goals by 2014 and MDGs by 2015.

On September 2011the debate ‘Investing in Young People- Are we doing enough?’ is hold.


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