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International Youth Day: 12 August 2011: Change Our World


Since 2004, Association of Youth Organizations Nepal (AYON) has been celebrating International Youth Day on August 12 through different programmes and events. In 2005, 2006 and 2007, AYON organized a huge youth rally and various events like blood donation, art competition, and street drama show. In 2010 AYON in coordination with several youth organizations, organized Youth Jatra. Youth Jatra covered events like art competition, documentary show, exhibition with youth stalls, rally, concerts and other fun activities. Save the Children, Maiti Nepal, CWIN Nepal, UNFPA supported the event in 2010.

This year’s theme for International Youth Day was “Change the World.”

AYON held following programs on the occasion of International Youth Day:

Event Calendar: Various youth-led organizations, stakeholders and AYON member organizations are organizing various events on the occasion of International Youth Day 2011. To promote such events, AYON is creating a common calendar of events which are organized on the occasion of international youth day. AYON disseminated the calendar of events within its network and email groups. AYON is also promoting the events through Facebook and other social networking sites.

Press Conference: AYON called for a Press Conference on 7th August with Reporters Club Nepal to share its “Event Calendar” and the activities, programs that are being organized and held in the occasion of IYD.

Advocacy: To promote international youth day and share the events’ information among youth, government and other private and non-government sectors, AYON coordinated with various fronts of media such as F.M. Radio, Television and Social-networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Youth Café (11 August, 2011): Youth café program runs in World Café methodology. World café methodology is a simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue. AYON organized a one day workshop on 11 August, 2011 at Siddhartha cottage, Dhobighat. The program was conducted on world cafe module. . Six different topics for discussion were: Youth and governance, Youth and politics, Youth and youth policies, Youth and entrepreneurship, Youth and Sexual and reproductive health, Youth and environment sustainability.

Youth from diverse group participated in the “Youth Café” program and discussed on those topics. Outcome of the “Youth Cafe” initiative was shared in the mega event Dream Sharing workshop on 12 August.

Youth Sharing Dreams – I Dream and I Share (12 August): This program was designed to share the dreams of youth among youth, policy makers, government, political leaders and other stakeholders. The program commenced with a welcome performance by popular Nepali band Kutumba after which 5 youth will share their dreams and aspirations. AYON also shared its brief report of “Youth Café” program held in 11th August, 2011. The program concluded with Kutumba’s performance after which all the participants were requested to participate in Candle-lightening program followed by peace rally to Shanti Batika which was be a symbolic gesture for the timely implementation of National Youth Policy (NYP) and Peace in the country.

Documentary Show: AYON organized a documentary show in Doc Skool, Dhobhighat on 10th August. Documentary show was followed by discussion on the featured movie “Elephant”.

National Seminar on Youth and Millennium Development Goal: A way forward

The seminar was Jointly organized by NGO Federation of Nepal, Association of Youth
Organizations Nepal (AYON),
National Youth Organization Federation Nepal on 10th August, 2011.

District Level Events: AYON encouraged and supported its member organizations, youth clubs, youth groups and other youth-led organizations to organize events to celebrate International Youth Day. AYON had been facilitating youth organizations to celebrate youth day from local to district level events in various districts. Those events were also shared in the “Event Calendar”.

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